[ZcF-general] Zcash Foundation Update — May, 2018

Sonya Mann sonya at z.cash.foundation
Sat Jun 2 21:34:32 EDT 2018

Hello everyone! In case you haven't met me yet, my name is Sonya Mann. I'm
the Zcash Foundation's third employee and new Communications Manager

I'll be the person writing and sending these updates going forward. My
apologies that this one is late — it was supposed to go out on Friday, but
hopefully you wouldn't have read your email until Monday anyway 😛

Aside from hiring me, here's what the Zcash Foundation did in May:

Grants Program
We continued to spread the word of our Grants Program
<https://z.cash.foundation//blog/q2-grant-program/>, which had an initial
deadline of May 18. Ultimately we received 41 pre-proposals
<https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2018Q2/issues> (roughly
10 more than last year
<https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4/issues>). So far, 22
have been invited to submit full proposals.

Updates on the last round of grant projects are due in June. We've reminded
the recipients, and hope to see a handful of their faces at Zcon0. Speaking
of which...

Planning and promotion for our first conference
<https://z.cash.foundation//zcon/>, which takes place in late June, are
ongoing. There is a list of confirmed speakers
<https://z.cash.foundation/zcon/speakers/>, but we're still nailing down
the exact agenda. Merchandise orders have either gone out or will be going
out this week.

We are doing direct outreach to increase participation in our Community
Governance Panel
(which Executive Director Josh Cincinnati blogged about in April
Currently there are 54 participants on the list

Nine people have self-nominated to join the Foundation's Board of
Directors, as you can see on GitHub

The current deadline for ballot proposals is June 8. At least one of them
will address the question of ASIC mining. On that subject...

ASIC Debate
On May 8 the Foundation released a statement on ASIC resistance
<https://z.cash.foundation//blog/statement-on-asics/>, in light of
Bitmain's new Equihash-oriented ASIC miner
How to approach ASIC resistance, or whether resistance is worthwhile at
all, has generated a great deal of contentious discussion. You can get a
taste on the forum

The Foundation has already contracted researchers to search for evidence of
Zcash stealth mining. Expect an update on their findings sometime soon.

The Foundation is actively recruiting for technical hires, and we have a
couple of excellent candidates in the pipeline. Our current expectation is
that we'll move forward with offers after Zcon0.

On May 26 the Foundation organized a low-key gathering
<https://z.cash.foundation//blog/east-bay-meetup/> in the SF Bay Area, in
partnership with community member Howard Loo.

The End
That's all, folks! Feedback on the format and contents of these monthly
updates is very welcome. Would you like more details? Less? Let me know!

Sonya Mann
Communications Manager
Zcash Foundation
@sonyaellenmann <https://twitter.com/sonyaellenmann>
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