[ZcF-general] Zcash Foundation Update — March, 2019

Sonya Mann sonya at zfnd.org
Thu Mar 28 14:40:09 EDT 2019

Hello everyone! Here's what the Zcash Foundation has been up to this month.

We explained how ZIPs (Zcash Improvement Proposals) are important to Zcash
governance: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/new-zip-process/

If you want a say in future Zcash changes, definitely read it.

Anna Kaplan joined us as a technical intern! She'll be working on the
Parity Zcash implementation for the time being:

The Foundation is sponsoring a cryptocurrency research series undertaken by
the Human Rights Foundation:

We debuted ZF Grants, our new platform for grants and community funding!
Here's how it works: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/zf-grants-open-beta/

A list of promising grant ideas that we'd love to see fleshed out into
proposals: https://www.zfnd.org/grants/

Video of Executive Director Josh Cincinnati talking about Zcash governance,
at the MIT Bitcoin Expo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRqrRU4iHs8 (the
talk itself was earlier in March)

zec-qt-wallet rebranded to ZecWallet. The Foundation sponsored the creation
of new how-to videos. And we took a moment to celebrate ZecWallet's rapid
progress: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/zec-wallet-progress/

Anna Kaplan (mentioned above) and Marek Kotewicz from Parity gave a joint
talk at Zero Knowledge Summit, discussing the new Zcash node
implementation: https://youtu.be/4UUsCklWR5Y?t=2285

Two of us attended a Zcash meetup organized by the Bay Area Zcash Users
group: https://twitter.com/ZcashFoundation/status/1110719493406220289

That's all for now! As always, questions and comments are welcome.

Sonya Mann
Communications Manager
Zcash Foundation
sonya at zfnd.org
@sonyaellenmann <https://twitter.com/sonyaellenmann/>
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